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Loft Conversion Ideas by Loft Conversions Luton

If you're planning on changing your roof space into living space, then take a look at Loft Conversions Luton's great loft conversion ideas that could inspire your project. The best loft conversion ideas work to alleviate space pressure on the rest of the house and improve circulation.

Way To Add Space To Your Lutonhome

Prior to starting work on your loft conversion's interior design, it's vital to get not just the structure right, but also your budget, the room's configuration, the position of windows, and of course your loft's energy efficiency.

As a general rule, glazing should make up 20 per cent of the roof area if you're keen to maximise natural light. In order to bring natural light into the house, we could install frameless glass openings between the bedroom and the connected stairway, lit by a roof light above, increases the feeling of space.

Home Office From Luton, Bedfordshire Loft Conversion

Other popular uses of a Loft Conversions Luton loft conversion include a teenage den, cinema room or home office. If you're planning on transforming your loft conversion into a home office, you'll find the Loft Conversions Luton specialist guide to designing a home office a handy read.

Often, the building control inspector will specify what you require from Loft Conversions Luton, as a roof can be insulated in two ways either filling the space between the rafters or installing insulation over them, which isn't as practical. A professional building control inspector can help you determine which kind of Loft Conversions Luton insulation is best for your home.

Loft Conversion Ideas From Loft Conversions Luton

Why not be inspired by Loft Conversions Luton's brilliant loft conversion ideas to get you started.

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